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3rd Generation - children of William and Sarah (Saunders) Denman:

Dennis (bap.8.2.1824). Dennis married Sarah and had 3 children: Francis (b.c1863), Benjamin (b.c1864), Frank (b.c1867), and Ada (b.c1873). At the time of the 1881 census, he was living at 14 Windsor Terrace, Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales. His occupation is given as "pilot" - he was probably one of the Bristol Channel pilots - the Bristol Channel was probably one of the most dangerous shipping lanes in the world. Experienced pilots would be taken in boats called pilot cutters to ships entering the Bristol Channel to collect exports of coal and iron and guide them back to sea. Dennis died on 17.3.1888 at his home at 14 Windsor Terrace, Penarth, Glamorgan, of TB and hepatitis. His son Frederick Thomas Denman (also living at 14 Windsor Terrace) registered his death.

Anne (bap.29.3.1829). 1851 census - aged 17, working as a housemaid and living in Lyng, Somerset.

4th Generation - Children of Charles and Mary Ann (Broom) Denman:

Dennis Andrew (b.1851). Married Mary, 3 step-children. 1881 census - living at 14 Harmony Row, Taunton and working as a carpenter.

George (b.c1853). Married Eliza, 3 children - Bessy (b.1876), Ernest (b.c1877), and Albert (b.c1880). 1881 census - baker, living Taunton St Mary. 1901 - Eliza was living in Thornbury, Bristol, with 2 lodgers. Although Mary is married according to the census record, I can find no trace of George.

Harry/Henry (b.2.2.1855). Married Julia Peters in the Parish Church, Churchstaunton, Devon on 24.3.1881. Henry (a carpenter) was living in North Curry at the time of their marriage, Julia in Churchstaunton. 1881 census - both living with Charles and Mary. 6 known children - Ethel (b.c1881), Frank (b.c1881), Charles (b.c1882), Dorothy (b.c1886) and Clifford (b.c1887), and Hilda Beatrice (b.1893). On 30.12.1894, Hilda died aged 16 months of a bad cold on the chest. Henry died aged 45 of cerebrospinal meningitis and was living in Queens Square, North Curry, at the time of his death. He was a master carpenter. 

(John) Austin (b.10.12.1859). John's name is given as Austin on his birth certificate, but in later records his name is either given as John or John Austin. He married Clementina Paull (daughter of John Paull, a mason, deceased) on 27.9.1883 at the Register Office in Bridgwater, where they were both living at St John Street. John was a carpenter. 1901 census - living Wrantage, North Curry. John was a carpenter, Clementina a shirtmaker, working at home. 1927/8 electoral roll, still living in Wrantage.

Lucy Ann (b.1862).  In 1881, Lucy was working as a domestic servant for Charles Gardner (retired clothier), his wife Emma, and their son Edmund, an accountant. Lucy was one of 2 domestic servants employed by the Gardners, the other was a cook. They lived at Hemplow House, Knowle Lane, Brislington, Somerset. Lucy married (on 14.4.1884) Lot Staples in Taunton. 1901 census - living 3 Crowndale Road, Bristol. Lot was a clerk to an Oil and Colour merchant. No children.  

William (b.1864). William was a journeyman carpenter. He married Ellen Sophia Berry, a domestic servant, on 7.2.1888 in the Register Office in Taunton. Both were living in North Curry at the time of their marriage. William was a carpenter. They had 3 children: Ernest (b.c1891), Bertie (b.c1893), and Alec (b.c1895). William died aged 33 in North Curry on 17.5.1899 of Addison's Disease. The informant on his death certificate was his wife Ellen, who was present when he died. Addison's Disease is characterised by chronic, worsening fatigue and muscle weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss. When Addison's Disease was first identified in 1849, tuberculosis was found at autospy in 70-90% of cases, and given the prevalence of TB at the time, it seems likely that it was the cause of William's disease. At the time of the 1901 census, Ellen was working as a charwoman and living at Knapp Lane with her 3 children. Ellen received charitable assistance from the parish, including coal.           

Sidney Charles (bap.28.6.1868). Married Annie, 3 children - Frank (b.c1891), Beatrice (b.c1893) and Fred (b.c1895). 1901 census - living Knapp Lane, North Curry, working as a carpenter.

5th Generation - Children of Alexander and Sarah (Allen) Denman:

Frank Allen (b.14.12.1868). Sarah's son from a previous relationship. Married Matilda, 5 children - Ada (b.c1887), Ivy (b.c1893), Charles (b.c1895), Gladys (b.c1898) and Gertrude (b.c1899).

Florence Lily (b.4.10.1878). Died of diphtheria aged 3 on 21.4.1882.